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Sumi-e painted Kimono

Years ago, a gallery owner told me that her uncle was a painter who suffered from bad health. She believed this was caused by the chemical art materials he used.

If you are a painter of Sumi-e (Japanese traditional ink painting), you are lucky! You will only use natural materials.

First of all, Sumi is a black ink stick made of soot and Nikawa (animal glue).

There are many kinds of Sumi, but they can be roughly divided into two types; brownish Sumi and bluish Sumi. It depends on what kind of soot was used.

For brownish Sumi, oil (rape seed, sesame seed or others) is burnt to collect soot. And for bluish Sumi, pine tree branches are burnt to collect soot. …

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The most important thing when you paint Sumi-e (Japanese traditional ink painting) is to try not to paint well. What does that mean?

First of all, try to find something beautiful and observe it closely. If it is a strawberry, touch, smell and taste it. If it is a rose, buy one and decorate your room. If it is a dog, stroke his hair and listen to his barking. If it is a tiger, keep your distance! Just observe her at your closest zoo.

You will know how the strawberry seeds line up. You will count up how many flower petals a rose has. If you go to the zoo with your friends, then talk about the patterns on a tiger’s fur. …


Tamayo Samejima

Sumi-e (Japanese traditional ink painting) Painter, Online Sumi-e Classes, Items on Etsy

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